Samsung Techwin America

Samsung unveils new series of H.264 DVRs at ISC West

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) - Samsung Techwin America, a global supplier of video surveillance products combining superior performance and value, unveiled a new series of H.264 Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) here at ISC West. The new H.264 DVR Series is available in models offering 4, 8 or 16 video inputs for various applications with high-definition (1080p) output, simple graphical user interfaces, easy search and playback functionality, a motion search function, and an HDMI interface for easy connection to HD displays. The DVRs feature up to 6 Terabytes of on-board hard disk drive (HDD) storage for high capacity recording.

"Our new series of DVRs incorporates an H.264-based codec in a variety of models to provide high-quality video recording and playback for virtually any application," said Frank DeFina, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America, Samsung Techwin America. "These high-performance DVRs offer advanced features and provide great value for users and integrators."

Samsung's new SRD-1670 DVR Series provide 16 channels of recording at 480 images per second (ips) with a jog and shuttle dial. The SRD-1650 DVR Series offers selectable record rates of 480/240/120 ips. The SRD-870 DVR Series offers 8 channels and records at 240 ips, while the 8-channel SRD-850 DVR Series records at 240 ips. A backup DVD is available for archiving and transferring images is available for the SRD-1670D, SRD-870D, SRD-1650D and SRD-850D. The aforementioned models include a 1TB internal HDD with the ability to incrementally add HDDs to achieve a maximum capacity of 6TB.

The SRD-1630/1610 DVR Series provides a basic 500 Gigabyte HDD, with the ability to add up to six additional HDDs. The SRD-1630 has maximum record/playback rate of 240 ips on 16 channels, while SRD-1610 has maximum record/playback of 120 ips. The eight-channel SRD-830 DVR also offers recording at 120 ips. Models SRD-1630D, SRD-1610D and SRD-830D are available with a backup DVD.

The new SRD-470 DVR offers 4-channels with a record/playback rate of 120 ips, while the SRD-470D DVR includes a DVD R/W.

Samsung's new DVRs feature a highly intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with icons for system, device, recording, event, backup and network , and a system menu hierarchy including date/time/language, user management, system management and log. A play backup function enables various backup modes for each channel, and a backup data format includes a watermark function. A motion search can easily be set up using the GUI to view what happened in an area of interest during a one-hour window. Resolution and record rate can be selected individually for each channel without affecting other channels.

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