University of Utah deploys en-Gauge's sensor monitoring platform

SALT LAKE CITY, UT and ROCKLAND, MA – September 9, 2010- en-Gauge, Inc., ( maker of en-Gauge monitoring systems for fire extinguishers and building safety devices, today announced that the University of Utah Salt Lake City is using its en-Gauge sensor monitoring platform to keep track of 18 of its automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in large occupancy buildings across the campus. Over the next few years, the University expects to have at least one monitored AED in each of the campus’ 300 buildings.

Mike Halligan, Associate Director Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Utah said, “The University of Utah is committed to making sure our students, employees and guests are safe while on campus. Using en-Gauge to monitor vital life safety devices such as AEDs was the logical next step after installing the en-Gauge electronically monitored fire extinguishers.”

The University was an early adopter of en-Gauge electronically monitored fire extinguishers. Since 2002 all of its undergraduate housing – 21 buildings with some 2,500 student residents – have had their extinguishers converted to en-Gauge electronically monitored fire extinguishers.

The en-Gauge System is a wireless sensor monitoring platform enabling building owners with early warning of emergency equipment use while delivering 24/7 equipment supervision. The system includes sensors, wireless sensor backbone components, supervisory software and can be integrated with real-time-location technology as well as integrated into all major security and building monitoring systems.

Halligan says the benefits of electronic monitoring of safety devices are numerous, but points to two key benefits – first is immediate notification and response and second is reduction in theft and vandalism. Halligan stated, "We know immediately when an AED or extinguisher has been taken from its cabinet allowing for even faster communication with emergency responders."

The second major benefit Halligan says is the fact that the monitored devices act as a deterrent against theft and vandalism – a common problem at most college and university campuses nationwide – but not at the University of Utah Salt Lake City. Halligan said, "Over the last year there have been no incidents of fire extinguisher tampering or vandalism in our student housing. We are absolutely positive that our en-Gauge fire extinguishers are where they should be, are operational and unobstructed should they be needed in the event of an emergency."

Other benefits of the en-Gauge fire safety system include that it has the potential to reduce total cost of ownership by as much as 40% over the lifetime of the extinguisher -- an average of 12 years. In addition, labor costs are reduced up to 65% because someone does not have to perform monthly manual inspections. Another benefit is that users have easily accessible reports to demonstrate code compliance as the proprietary software tracks the age, in-service date, manufacturer, and complete incident history for each extinguisher including usage and inspections.

John McSheffrey, President of en-Gauge, Inc. said, "The University of Utah and Mike Halligan in particular have demonstrated great leadership and foresight in protecting their students 24/7 by using en-Gauge technology in combination with their other campus safety measures." McSheffrey added, "Both fire extinguishers and AEDs help save lives and having them monitored with en-Gauge helps you to know they are available and ready to use. The end result is reduced risk and peace of mind."