Flir offers new high-resolution thermal cameras

Portland, OR – September 9, 2010 – FLIR Systems has raised the standard of performance for thermal security cameras. By placing its range of affordable, high-resolution 640×480 thermal security cameras at the heart of a transformed F-, PT-, and SR-Series product line-up, FLIR’s 640 cameras have effectively replaced 320×240 as the industry-standard resolution.

FLIR’s high-resolution 640×480 thermal security cameras give security professionals four times the resolution of earlier generation 320×240 products, and 16 times the resolution offered by other thermal camera manufacturers that use 160×120 sensors. This lets security professionals cover the same area with fewer cameras than ever before, lowering both acquisition cost and life-cycle cost, thereby greatly improving value for the end-user.

These high-resolution imagers provide better image detail, superior range performance, wider coverage areas, and more reliable results when used with video analytics. FLIR will continue to offer cameras with 320×240 and 160×120 to meet a full spectrum of price/performance requirements.

Unlike thermal cameras and technologies available from other manufacturers, all of FLIR’s thermal security cameras are guaranteed to be 100% sun safe: they can look directly at the sun for extended periods without damage or degraded performance.

With a nearly 50-year history of infrared innovation, and having fielded more infrared cameras into more applications than all other manufacturers combined, only FLIR has the command of all of the integral technologies, making them the industry leader in providing high-performance thermal imagers and groundbreaking affordable prices.