Paxton Access unveils vandal resistant keypad

Paxton Access is a UK based manufacturer of access control systems renowned for bringing stylish, practical products to market. Their most recent contribution, the Vandal resistant metal keypad, is designed specifically to stand up to abuse. The keypad, with its understated satin chrome finish, is compatible with both Switch2 and Net2 access control systems.

As with all equipment that’s designed for outside use Paxton Access realise that it can be susceptible to vandalism. This has been addressed by constructing the reader out of cast metal. In addition, the keypad’s large, backlit buttons with cut out numbers, make it well suited to exterior entrances that are poorly lit. The keypad is also equipped with security screws (and tool) to prevent tampering.

Trish Bambury, Marketing Manger Paxton Access explains, "Unlike the innovative vandal proof reader, which is buried in a wall, the Vandal resistant metal keypad is mounted externally. Because users need to physically enter a code, the solution was to make a keypad with unrivalled strength - hence the cast metal construction." Trish continues, "We realised there was a gap in the market for a heavy duty keypad. The weight of it alone shows just how strong it is. It simply won’t need replacing every time it takes a knock, and for this reason, it represents exceptional value!"

The keypad’s robustness also makes it ideally suited to a number of 'physical' environments where accidental 'knocks' and 'scrapes' may arise, from warehouses and factories to sports clubs and harbour environments.