Software House debuts C-CURE 9000 Enterprise

Westford, MA – February 15, 2011 – Software House, part of Tyco Security Products, has announced the release of C-CURE 9000 Enterprise access control software now available with C-CURE 9000 v2.0. C-CURE 9000 Enterprise provides scalable central management of building security for security directors with large multi-site installations.

With C-CURE 9000 Enterprise, security directors can expand their access control system as their organization grows. Using an innovative distributed architecture, C-CURE 9000 Enterprise enables users to maintain independent control at each remote location while managing their entire enterprise from a central location.

"Security directors at banks, universities, large corporations, and government sites all need the same combination of full local site control AND powerful central management tools," said Warren Brown, director of product management for Software House technologies. "The C-CURE 9000 Enterprise architecture is the most powerful, scalable enterprise solution we have ever offered. It has been developed for small sales offices to large office buildings and everything in between."

With a distributed architecture, C-CURE 9000 users can connect multiple sites through a central server that also houses a master database. All database information including cardholder and access control information is sent to the central server for streamlined data synchronization.

In addition, security teams save time and money by monitoring alarms from each local site simultaneously from one workstation. Users can compile global reports which provide critical information from a single location instead of from each individual site. This centralized management also enhances security department efficiency and enables personnel to comply with company mandates or incident reporting relating to investigations.

As an added benefit, C-CURE 9000 Enterprise optimizes local performance by limiting WAN traffic and latency as local servers communicate directly with hardware situated in close proximity to them.

C-CURE 9000 Enterprise is available through Software House’s worldwide distribution channels.