Phihong introduces new Power-over-Ethernet splitter

FREMONT, Calif. (October 29, 2008) -- Phihong, a global leader in Power-over-Ethernet solutions, has developed a Power-over-Ethernet splitter that provides 12V at 1.75A for powering heaters or illuminators and that can also forward IEEE802.3 at or af power and data to video surveillance cameras. Designated the POE21-120F, the Gigabit-compatible splitter works with any Ultra PoE midspan, a power solution for the camera and heaters or illuminators through a single Cat5 cable. The splitter taps some power and passes the rest of the power and data to the camera. The power is then converted from the PoE source to a regulated 12VDC power source. The splitter is designed to be mounted adjacent to camera, and offers the same detection and overload features specified in IEEE 802.3af standards.

"Phihong's splitters will lower the cost of deploying many new devices," said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA. "Our splitter products allow thin clients, LCD monitors, RFID Readers, Biometrics and door access controls to be installed into locations without requiring an electrical outlet and UPS local to the device, and this latest model expands PoE's capabilities by allowing the attached Ultra PoE midspan to power a variety of applications from one device."

Available in a non-vented case with 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, and 1000BASE-T data rates and a UNH IOL test report, the Power-over-Ethernet splitter has an LED to indicate it has power. The device also has full OCP-, OTP- and OVP-protection. The splitter is isolated from the PoE source by 1500VAC and meets UL LPS and SELV output requirements.

Single-piece pricing for the POE21-120F Series splitter is $34.95. For a detailed specification or to purchase, visit