Juniper Networks implements Quantum Secure solution

San Jose, Calif., Oct. 27, 2008 – Quantum Secure today announced that its SAFE software suite has been selected by Juniper Networks, the leader in high-performance networking, to automate physical access management, ensure compliance to industry regulations and integrate the company’s physical access security systems with its Human Resources Identity System.

Quantum Secure is the exclusive provider of enterprise software to manage and streamline security identities, compliance, events and operations across disparate physical security systems.

With several global offices and thousands of employees and contractors, Juniper was facing the challenge of managing physical access cardholders and compliance reporting manually across disparate systems.

Quantum Secure’s SAFE enabled Juniper to connect to and automate the human resources system for "turning off/on" badges and access cards based upon policy rules, as well as connect the “permissions” process for accessing the organization’s many secure spaces and labs around the world. The SAFE Self Service application automated these processes, with each action logged in the system for subsequent reporting and compliance purposes.

"With Quantum Secure in place, what used to be a series of disparate systems and processes is now a single, seamless approach, resulting in lower costs and increased efficiencies," said Loren Hansen, safety and security technology manager, Juniper Networks.