Panasonic introduces new H.264 megapixel cameras

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) - Panasonic System Networks Company of America announces a new series of megapixel fixed and mini-dome H.264 network cameras with i-Pro Smart HD high-performance features. The new units feature HD picture quality employing Panasonic's new UniPhier LSI processor, face detection analytics, bandwidth and energy efficiency, as well as simple installation, set-up and operation. The new line of i-Pro H.264 megapixel network cameras also offer day/night operation, high sensitivity with automatic calibration for detailed imaging, and progressive scan to ensure clear images without motion blur and no tearing. The new cameras also support multiple video streams (H.264/MPEG-4/JPEG) and power over Ethernet (PoE, IEEE 802.3af). Additional features of both new camera series include two-way audio, analog video output and support for the IPv4/IPv6 network protocol.

"These latest additions to Panasonic's line of i-Pro network cameras provide the benefits of megapixel imaging in new configurations that are packed with features and functionality," said Bill Taylor, President, Panasonic System Networks Company of America. "As the market continues to transition to network cameras with higher resolutions, Panasonic is raising the bar in terms of image resolution and network systems functionality while maintaining our proven reputation for product quality and dependability."

Panasonic's new i-Pro WV-SP300 H.264 Series Megapixel Fixed Network Camera provide a minimal illumination of 0.3 lux in color and 0.05 lux in black-and-white (B/W) for the WV-SP306, 0.3 lux in color and 0.2 lux in B/W for the WV-SP305, and 0.3 lux in color and 0.2 lux in B/W for the WV-SP302. The WV-SP306 and WV-SF336 also offer auto back focus to ensure easy installation to ensure perfect focus in color and B/W modes. Lenses are optional on all WV-SP300 Series box cameras.

The i-Pro WV-SF300 H.264 Series Megapixel Fixed Mini Dome Network Camera is comprised of the WV-SF332, WV-SF336 and WV-SF335 mini-dome fixed megapixel network cameras that provide a minimal illumination of 0.3 lux in color and 0.2 lux in B/W, and 0.2 lux in color and 0.13 lux in B/W for the WV-SF332. All WV-SF300 Series Fixed Dome cameras also offer focus-assist for on-screen adjustments.

The new network camera models premiered at the ISC West will be available in June 2010 (box cameras) and July 2010 (mini-domes).

For more information, contact Panasonic by calling toll free 1-866-PAN-CCTV (1-866-726-2288) or visiting