Panasonic launches IP telephone with video monitoring capabilities

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) - Panasonic System Networks Company of America is demonstrating the KX-NT400 IP network telephone here at ISC West 2010. The innovative phone features a 5.7-inch color touchscreen that provides quick and convenient access to Panasonic network cameras, as well as business applications via intranet connection.

"Integrating previously disparate systems like video surveillance and telephone systems exemplifies Panasonic's unique ability to offer a much broader system solution to security professionals," said Bill Taylor, President of Panasonic System Networks Company of America. "The ability to monitor live surveillance video via telephone presents an extremely cost-efficient means of allowing management and operations personnel to have instant access to mission critical video."

The KX-NT-400 features an intuitive interface that provides easy navigation to multiple options, including a camera screen that displays live video feeds and captures images from up to 20 network cameras. Users can control cameras' pan, tilt and zoom functions directly right from the phone. A number of highly functional screen options are also available for the KX-NT400 including:

- Company Portal Screen for accessing delivery schedules, order-tracking software and other critical applications while simultaneously speaking with a customer
- Contacts Screen that presents contact information in a format that is easy to manipulate
- Call Log Screen with caller ID data for incoming, outgoing and missed calls
- Calls Screen that shows handling options for connected calls (record, conference, transfer, etc.)
- Chat Screen for sending and receiving text messages to and from other NT400 users.

The NT400 phone supports wireless Bluetooth headsets and features 48 programmable soft keys. An Easy Navigation Key for fast one-touch access to phone functions and Power over Ethernet capability allows data and electrical power to be transmitted over an Ethernet cable. Connections include two Ethernet ports, a USB port, an SD card slot and a headset jack.

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