QNAP releases Firmware Version 3.1.0 for VioStor NVRs

Free upgrade supports video analytics, generic IP cameras

Taipei, Taiwan, August 2009 - QNAP Security, a world class manufacturer of PC-less Network Video Recorder (NVR) solutions for the corporate security/surveillance market, today announced a new version of the embedded firmware for its popular VioStor line of Network Video Recorders (NVR). The new firmware, which will be offered free of charge to existing VioStor users adds important new features to enhance usability and reliability of VioStor NVRs installed around the world.

The new 3.1.0 firmware offers revolutionary features including Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), generic IP camera integration by CGI command, digital watermarking, SMS alerts, and more! And the most exciting part is all new features are provided as a free upgrade to existing QNAP standalone NVR systems and will be pre-installed in all new models to enhance the ownership experience and maximize the value of VioStor NVRs.

New features of the 3.1.0 firmware include:

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). The feature of Intelligent Video Analytics is designed to improve the quality of surveillance and automate the detection of critical events. By using QNAP's new Video Analytics, security personnel can detect evidence of criminal acts much faster and efficiently. QNAP Video Analytics offers five parameters: motion detection, missing object, foreign object, camera out of focus and camera obstruction. Compared to other simple surveillance solutions, the main advantages of QNAP Video Analytics are extremely effective event detection and more flexible ways to define monitoring parameters. For instance, the security administrator can apply multiple parameters of Video Analytics for each camera at the same time for enhanced security. This maximizes the effectiveness of the surveillance without requiring additional security monitoring personnel, saving significant cost. Additionally, with QNAP IVA, searching through a tremendous video database won't be nightmare any more.

Generic IP camera integration. Today more and more IP cameras from various new brands appear in the market. With the new 3.1.0firmware, QNAP Security now provides users with the freedom of choice to integrate new IP cameras by themselves. As long as users can get the CGI command from camera vendor, the live view and recording in M-JPEG compression format could be enabled by simple configuration within the NVR. Distributors and System integrators no longer need to wait for camera integration from the manufacturer. Users can integrate any new cameras quickly and easily.

Digital watermarking. In order to increase security level of recorded video, the new 3.1.0 firmware also adds Digital Watermarking as a data encryption tool to ensure the original recorded video has not been compromised or tampered with. Moreover, by using the current VioStor play-back software interface, users can apply the Digital Watermark simply to the current video in the database. No need to invest time in learning new software is also considered as one great advantage when adapting the new firmware feature into current QNAP NVR system.

In addition, QNAP Network Video Recorder also supports SMS alerts to let security managers get real time notification about an event in progress. QNAP SMS function allows users to subscribe using SMS services from local ISP. This feature definitely can speed up the interaction when critical events occur.

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