Verayo, SkyeTek develop new RFID authentication solution

San Jose, Calif. – September 8, 2010 – Verayo, a security and authentication solutions provider, has teamed-up with SkyeTek, a leading provider of RFID reader and software technology, to deliver the industry’s lowest-cost RFID authentication solution. The two companies have partnered with GLOBALPCCA, an investments and healthcare solutions group, in addressing the counterfeiting menace in Africa. GLOBALPCCA defined the requirements keeping in view the cost, user-interface, security and deployment environment critical for success in Africa.

The solution includes Verayo’s PUF technology based unclonable RFID ICs paired with SkyeTek’s compact RFID readers to provide a secure, easy-to-use authentication solution at the lowest cost. Per GLOBALPCCA’s directions, SkyeTek has created RFID readers in several form factors: a small pen-sized form factor, called the PENTESTA for consumers to carry in their pocket or handbag to authenticate consumer or pharmaceutical products at the point-of-sale, and a tray-sized form factor, called the TRAYTESTA, for pharmacies to authenticate products before sale to consumers. When the pen-sized reader is pointed to a tag on a product, or when a tagged product is placed on the tray reader, the reader uses PUF authentication protocol to identify a genuine product from a fake product, and displays a green or red light respectively.

"We are excited to partner with Verayo and incorporate its innovative PUF technology with our RFID readers to provide consumers with the ultimate anti-counterfeiting solution," said Daniel Frydenlund, CEO of SkyeTek. "It has been a privilege to work with GLOBALPCCA in implementing this solution in a way that will ultimately help people in Africa fight this counterfeiting threat."

"Counterfeiting is a huge problem seeking a solution. The only way to address this problem is by empowering the consumers so that they themselves can authenticate the product they are buying. Working with SkyeTek and GLOBALPCCA, we have created what I believe is a very simple, secure and yet low-cost RFID authentication solution," said Anant Agrawal, CEO of Verayo. "We believe this solution will help consumers in Africa easily and securely authenticate everyday products and lead a safer life."

"NAFDAC, Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, has approved GLOBALPCCA’s proposed solutions and signed a contract with GLOBALPCCA to provide a low-cost RFID-based authentication solution for Nigeria," said Dr. Steve Ams, CEO of GLOBALPCCA. "Keeping in view the requirements of countries in Africa, we were looking for a technology that was cost-effective, secure and unclonable, hence we selected Verayo’s PUF technology based RFIDs, and SkyeTek’s simple, low-cost readers."

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