Supercircuits introduces new access control solution at ISC East

New York, NY (October 29, 2008) – SC Black, the premier manufacturer and distributor of dealer exclusive video surveillance equipment, is introducing SC Black Access Control at ISC East this year. Sold exclusively through the SC Black dealer channel, this is truly leading edge technology, featuring a universally compatible browser based setup, secure IP based communications and complete backwards compatibility with existing access control infrastructures.

“As we continue to build the SC Black branded line, we will continue to add cutting edge products that enable dealers to offer more efficient and cost effective converged network solutions,” said Mark de L. Thompson, Supercircuits President and CEO. “SC Black Access Control features solid state network edge appliance technology designed to increase speed of installation, maximize uptime, and improve profitability on maintenance contracts.”

The system is designed to bring high-performance enterprise level capabilities to every install, while remaining highly cost effective compared to traditional access control. The SC Black platform includes access control, IP and analog video integration, automation and easy alarm integration. The system is easy to upgrade and has built-in reporting capabilities, no per-user client fees, remote management and is designed to scale from 2 to 32 doors, with enterprise versions of the system scalable to thousands of doors.

Because it is browser-based, the system offers a number of significant advantages. It can be controlled, monitored and accessed from any computer or handheld device with network access, anywhere. This includes the ability to instantly establish a lock down or restrict access in real-time, responding to incidents in progress. In addition, the upgrade process for SC Black Access Control is much simpler and more efficient than traditional systems. When the "box" is upgraded, all clients are automatically upgraded and field nodes are updated through the network. Built-in collaborative support tools are also available through the web, enabling dealers to solve problems through live on-screen remote collaboration with customers.

Incident, or alarm-based actions and events are easy to set up. A change in threat level, panic button activation or security alarm can automatically trigger any number of actions, including restricted access in the area of the alarm, improving response results and increasing security. The system architecture, with controller communication to nodes via TCP/IP networking, allows remote nodes located anywhere in the world to be controlled from a central location. A campus-type facility can wire every building using existing computer networking, with no noticeable impact on bandwidth. In a large building, a node in the vicinity of the doors or elevators attached to the computer network will dramatically reduce wiring and installation time as well as cost.

SC Black offers dealers the opportunity to carry an exclusive line of premium branded products that will be sold through the dealer channel only. Participating dealers also have access to a host of support, marketing and technical services as well as a dealer-only website, special programs, pricing, and more.