Supercircuits showcases wireless alarm system at ISC east

New York, NY (October 29, 2008) –SC Black, a premier manufacturer and distributor of dealer exclusive video surveillance solutions, is featuring their new wireless alarm systems at ISC East this year. Sold exclusively through the SC Black dealer channel, the systems offer a comprehensive solution that is both feature-rich and easy to install.

"There's a real market demand for alarm systems that can be installed without additional labor and cost-intensive wiring,” said Mark de L. Thompson, Supercircuits President and CEO. "SC Black makes it easy for dealers to capitalize on additional revenue sources with this new line."

The fast and easy installation of SC Black's new wireless alarm systems is particularly suited to more difficult installs such as post construction, two-story buildings or construction with difficult accessibility factors such as concrete walls or landmark status. Installation time is further cut by the ease of programming, enabling a shorter learning curve and faster familiarity with the system.

System settings for SC Black's new wireless alarm systems can be programmed and modified from the wireless alphanumeric keypad, computer USB, or remotely over the Internet, phone or via text message. An RF card reader is built into the keypad, with the capacity to enroll up to 50 RF tags and 50 user codes. All devices in the system are continuously monitored for communication, battery condition and tampering. With a real-world range of 100 meters which can be extended by an optional antenna, sensors can be placed in vehicles, gates or remote buildings. Two different models offer either two or four built in wired zones, with the four-zone model offering expansion capabilities up to 14 wired zones, with enrollment for up to 50 wireless devices. The system can be partitioned into two separate systems as well. The sensors, sirens, and keypad devices offer a 3-year battery life with normal usage.

SC Black offers dealers the opportunity to carry an exclusive line of premium branded products that will be sold through the dealer channel only. Participating dealers also have access to a host of support, marketing and technical services as well as a dealer-only website, special programs, pricing, and more.