SightLogix to exhibit automated outdoor video system at ISC West

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) - SightLogix Inc., the supplier of outdoor video analytics systems for area and perimeter security, is showcasing a cost-effective automated outdoor video system at ISC West this year. The SightLogix solution accurately detects, provides assessment detail, and locates intrusions over outdoor areas and perimeters in all weather and geographic conditions, while lowering overall project costs versus conventional camera systems.

SightLogix systems integrate many times the typical processing power at the "network edge" to eliminate scene variations from wind, lighting, precipitation, moving clouds, shadows and vibrations, variations which would otherwise cause nuisance alarms. The extra processing power also provides extended range and coverage area when compared to conventional camera systems (typically three times more) reducing the number of cameras needed for deployment. As a result, SightLogix systems are deployed with fewer infrastructure requirements (camera poles, trenching, and power) and lower overall project costs.

"The only way to provide accurate video analytics outdoors," said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix, "is to focus on image processing in advance of the video analytics, a critical preliminary step for making outdoor surveillance repeatable, accurate, easy to use and cost effective. Unlike indoor analytic systems," he continued, "which are designed to operate in static environments, outdoor analytics must contend with an environment that is constantly changing. For this reason, SightLogix has taken a different approach from other video analytics manufacturers, which has been the cornerstone to our customers' success."

An additional element that SightLogix considers critical for accurate outdoor video analytics is GPS registration. SightLogix SightSensor cameras are geo-registered to the scene, so they can accurately determine target size across a large field of view and filter out small animals and blowing debris, reducing nuisance alarms. SightLogix systems also use geo-registration to display the coordinates of detected targets onto a sitemap for situational awareness, and to automatically position PTZ cameras to zoom and follow targets.

The SightLogix Automated Outdoor Video System includes:

- SightSensor Visible, WideView and Thermal Cameras - Detection cameras incorporate an imager, lens optics, electronic stabilization, on-board image processing, video analytics software, camera control and GPS- target tracking.

- SightTracker - Pan-Tilt-Zoom Controller translates the GPS-based target information from an associated SightSensor and automatically steers third-party PTZ cameras to zoom and follow detected targets.

- SightMonitor - Target Mapping and Configuration Software overlays camera positions, detected alarms and locations and camera fields-of-view onto a geo-positioned aerial map of the surveillance area to provide users complete situational awareness.

- Ruggedized For Outdoor Applications - All components of the SightLogix system are enclosed within a ruggedized, NEMA 4X housing to withstand weather and climate conditions, including rain, snow, humidity, sand and temperature extremes. SightLogix systems are protecting assets in environments ranging from the frozen Arctic to the Middle East desert.

- Easy Integration With Existing Systems - SightLogix technology uses open standards to work seamlessly with existing video management, physical security information management (PSIM) and access control systems without middleware, custom integration or additional equipment.

- End-to-End Data Security - Flexible and secure communications include 10/100 Ethernet with support for satellite, cellular, wireless (802.11 a/b/g) and full broadband communications, with AES 256-bit encryption and SSL protocol.

- Heavy Duty Mounts and Cables - Accessories for the SightLogix outdoor video system include heavy-duty adjustable head mounts for long-range SightSensors, mounting brackets for SightTrackers, 26-pin Mil type connectors and extended cables.

Portable video solutions from SightLogix include a Rapid Deployment Kit available as a wired or wireless system and a Video Security Trailer mobile platform.

For more information on SightLogix perimeter security and outdoor surveillance solutions, call (609) 951-0008, email or visit