SightLogix releases intelligent outdoor video solutions for a broader range of applications

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) - SightLogix, Inc., the supplier of intelligent video surveillance systems for outdoor security applications, is displaying its latest line of innovative outdoor security solutions here at ISC West 2010. Featured is the company's newest addition - the WideView SightSensor automated camera - that applies SightLogix' advanced video processing technologies for wide-area surveillance spaces such as electrical substations, parking areas, maintenance yards, and water treatment facilities. The new WideView delivers intelligent close-area surveillance to enhance security for both critical infrastructure and general commercial outdoor surveillance applications with a high degree of detection accuracy and lower overall project costs versus conventional camera systems.

"We've been approached by many users who have expressed an interest in applying our systems to protect facilities and open areas that require the accurate detection and image processing features we offer," said John Romanowich, President and CEO, SightLogix. "Listening to our customers' needs, we developed the new WideView SightSensor camera to provide a high-performance, cost-efficient solution for wide area outdoor security applications."

SightLogix' innovative camera solutions typically deliver three times more coverage while reducing installation and operating costs by as much as 50% versus conventional surveillance cameras. With the addition of the new WideView SightSensor, the same performance and cost-efficiencies that apply for long-range surveillance applications are now available for wide-area security needs.

"SightLogix long-range and wide-area intelligent video systems have challenged the conventional wisdom of the outdoor security industry by achieving the highest levels of detection accuracy at the lowest overall project cost," Romanowich continued. "We are now extending our systems to a broader range of outdoor applications, starting with the recently released WideView SightSensor, which is often used for small facilities that need coverage over a wide area."

The SightLogix solution includes long range Visible and Thermal SightSensor security cameras, wide-area WideView SightSensor security cameras, SightTracker automated PTZ/Dome camera controllers for target identification, and SightMonitor coordination and GPS target location topology map display software.

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