SightLogix demonstrates SightTracker GPS-based PTZ controller

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) - SightLogix, Inc., the supplier of Intelligent Video Surveillance systems for area and perimeter security, is exhibiting the SightTracker pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) controller along with other components of the SightLogix Outdoor Video Security System at ISC West 2010. SightTracker automatically guides a PTZ camera to zoom and follow a detected target using global positioning system (GPS)-based target information provided by associated SightSensor detection cameras. SightTracker interfaces with PTZ cameras to provide automated target tracking functionality to new or existing PTZ cameras.

"There are hundreds of thousands of PTZ cameras in use today that are inevitably looking in the wrong direction when a security violation occurs," said John Romanowich, SightLogix President and CEO. "By employing GPS positioning, SightTracker ensures that PTZ cameras will always stay focused on the target, a critical requirement for protecting outdoor areas that until now has gone unfulfilled."

SightTracker solves the challenge of manually trying to locate a target over wide outdoor areas. When steered by an associated SightSensor, SightTracker automatically zooms PTZ cameras for up-close identification details. Detected targets are simultaneously displayed onto the SightMonitor topology map of the secured area, providing security teams with the location of the event and an up-close view in order to identify and make appropriate, time-critical decisions, while providing important detail for forensic use.

SightTracker, which supports wired, wireless and secure communications, is NEMA4X-rated to operate in harsh outdoor environments, and has been successfully installed in high-profile security applications across the US and Middle East.

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