OnSSI demonstrates the latest version of its Ocularis PSIM platform at ISC West

Las Vegas, NV (March 24, 2010) - The latest, most advanced version of the Ocularis IP video-centric Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform will be the star of the show at the On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (OnSSI) booth at ISC West.

OnSSI is the leading supplier of IP video surveillance control and management software, and Ocularis, its flagship product, provides the ability to integrate and control information from multiple physical security applications technologies empowering users to more efficiently coordinate and manage overall security operations.

On display at ISC West are Ocularis DS for multi-site, multi-server large enterprise environments, and Ocularis ES designed to reduce the complexity of managing edge devices, hardware, networking and user rights with a centralized, system-wide management application.

The IP video software supplier is also featuring details of how an early adopter of Ocularis DS - Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, - is implementing the system to transform existing surveillance technology into a unified, campus-wide networked system that delivers enhanced functionality and improved ROI for the user.

"Ocularis has the power to harness information from the most advanced physical security application into a unified, user-intuitive system that can transform how security departments are managed," said Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technology Officer, OnSSI. "When users and resellers see the power of Ocularis during our demos at ISC West, they react strongly as they realize the very significant value that Ocularis can deliver".

OnSSI also announced several personnel additions to its staff at ISC West to accommodate the company's continued growth.
Designed for ease of use, Ocularis features a touch screen-enabled interface complete with map-based navigation, instant access to every camera in any combination, powerful investigation tools and multi-operator, multi-site versatility. Also enhancing the user experience are interaction-based controls, instantaneous investigation in live monitoring mode and one-touch push-live-video alerts between users. Ocularis DS and ES, with Ocularis Client Software, can be deployed at the desktop or in control rooms with video walls.

For more information on OnSSI, call 845-732-7900, e-mail info@onssi.com or visit www.onssi.com.