March Networks makes enhancements to VideoSphere product suite

OTTAWA, Feb. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - March Networks, a leading provider of intelligent IP video and business analysis applications, today announced enhancements to its powerful VideoSphere Mobile Suite for bus transportation agencies. The expanded offering includes software features that increase operational efficiency and a new, in-vehicle advertising application that enables operators to generate revenue while improving onboard security.

March Networks provides bus fleet operators worldwide with high performance video surveillance solutions that help them reduce risk, enhance staff and passenger safety and operate more efficiently. The solutions integrate mobile and fixed recording platforms, IP and ultra-wide dynamic range cameras, and other system peripherals, and can be managed cost-effectively over secure, wireless networks.

The introduction of in-vehicle advertising in this latest software release extends the capabilities of the VideoSphere Mobile Suite beyond core security and monitoring applications. It enables bus fleet operators to generate recurring revenue through the sale of dynamic advertisements displayed via onboard digital signage. Operators can manage and upload content automatically over a wireless network and can intersperse the ads with scheduling or other information to strengthen customer service. They may also choose to interchange ads with selected in-vehicle camera views to draw passengers' attention to the surveillance system and deter crime more effectively.

Also included in the enhanced software suite is a new Camera Obstruction Detection analytic designed for high traffic, in-vehicle environments. The programmable analytic alerts maintenance or security staff automatically to any obstruction impeding a camera's view for a set period of time. It helps ensure blocked cameras are cleared quickly and that valuable video evidence is available when needed. Additional improvements to the mobile suite's advanced health reporting software and integrated GPS mapping deliver further monitoring efficiencies.

"Our transportation solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of onboard and fixed transit environments, where reliability and efficient video management via wireless networking is of critical importance," said Fabrizio Colciago, Chief Technology Officer, March Networks. "These latest additions to the VideoSphere Mobile Suite allow bus fleet operators to work more effectively and benefit from new revenue-generating opportunities that can dramatically reduce their total cost of ownership."

March Networks will demonstrate its expanded VideoSphere Mobile Suite, as well as its integrated IP video solutions for fixed transportation environments, in Booth 3 at the APTA TransITech Conference, February 17-20, at the Hilton Toronto in Toronto, Canada.