GE solution helps UK police force reduce drugs at area night clubs

GE Security, Inc., a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, today announced MobileTrace, a handheld trace detection instrument capable of simultaneous narcotics and explosives detection, is playing a critical role in helping reduce drug activity in and around pubs and nightclubs in towns and cities across Kent, England. The addition of MobileTrace to Kent police's existing trace detectors is helping keep drugs out of area clubs.

By using GE Security's MobileTrace, in addition to their existing detectors, as part of the "Safer Streets" operation, Kent police officers now have the ability to test for a wide range of narcotics on the spot in the field. Armed with their existing detectors and MobileTrace, Kent officers have required testing for narcotics as a condition of entry. Since putting trace technology to use on the scene, more than 600 establishments have participated in the testing, resulting in more than 152 drug possession arrests and refused entry to some 300 would-be patrons admitting to recent drug use.

"Trace detection devices have provided our officers a great advantage as part of the fight against drugs in Kent. During a night's work where we have to travel from venue to venue handheld technology is very useful to officers," said Howard Chandler, Kent Police Force Drugs Liaison Sergeant. "By minimizing the amount of drugs on the streets and in night clubs we can lessen the number of incidents that occur and ensure a safer environment for patrons."

"GE Security is pleased the police service in Kent is seeing such success in combating drug activity by using GE Security's handheld MobileTrace units along with its existing Itemiser desktop narcotics detectors," said Vincent Ortega, national security specialist, GE Security's Homeland Protection business. "This demonstrates GE Security's continued commitment to providing real world advanced technology security solutions that meet the demands and needs of law enforcement today."

An important tool for law enforcement and military officers, MobileTrace's simultaneous dual-mode detection, combined with a state-of-the-art battery for longer life provides the capabilities needed to stay ahead of growing substance detection challenges in both law enforcement and military operations. It also expands the range of target explosives identifiable in a single sample for faster, more comprehensive security screenings.

Using GE's patented ITMS (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry) or trace technology, MobileTrace makes available in a highly portable device the explosives and narcotics detection sensitivity and reliability proven in other GE Security trace-based products at military bases, border crossings, airports and other critical security checkpoints around the world. U.S. courts have considered the results of testing with trace technology in drug related prosecutions.

The first trace detector to simultaneously detect positive and negative ions, GE Security's Itemiser enables the detection of the broadest range of explosives while also detecting narcotics. Detection of both positive and negative ions allows for effective identification of even the most difficult substances from a single sample.