Homesafe Security Systems, Questron awarded contract by Elkridge Club of Maryland

BALTIMORE, MD, AUGUST 17, 2009: Homesafe Security Systems and Questron, both divisions of the HS Technology Group, have been awarded the contract to furnish and install an integrated CCTV, Security, and IP Phone system for the Elkridge Club of Maryland.

“This is a perfect example of how two technology companies, that recently merged, can work together to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients’ needs”, said Stuart Forchheimer, President of HS Technology Group. “We can manage multiple projects simultaneously and make it much easier for the client. They only need to make one phone call or send one email to ask a question”, said Forchheimer.

“In the end, the client wins and HS Tech wins more clients,” said George Hall, President of Questron.

The CCTV system will be designed to incorporate the latest in mega-pixel IP camera technology along with redundant network storage. The security system will utilize GE Security’s wireless devices to protect many of the Club’s existing structures along with wireless reporting provided by’s latest technology. The phone system will be upgraded to a digital hybrid system to utilize existing analog phones as well as the new IP phones.

The Elkridge Club was founded in 1878 with about 40 members. One hundred thirty years later, 120 years in the same location, the Elkridge Club has grown to nearly 2,900 members. The Board decided to implement the latest advances in technology while still maintaining the original aesthetics of the buildings, some of which are over 100 years in age.

Homesafe, a division of the HS Technology Group utilizes state of the art IP and wireless technology to offer design and installation services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Mid Atlantic states.

Questron, a division of the HS Technology Group offers design and installation of fiber, voice and data services to clients nationally.