IndigoVision launches low-bandwidth HD PTZ IP dome camera

The key to using High-Definition (HD) cameras in everyday CCTV applications is to deliver excellent image quality at very low bandwidths. IndigoVision has achieved this with the new series 11000 PTZ, the latest addition to the company’s range of HD IP cameras.

The 11000 is a high-performance day/night HD PTZ Dome camera that incorporates a dedicated encoder chip, which guarantees full frame rate (25/30fps) HD video, under all conditions. The unique use of pure digital signaling from sensor to network results in typical bandwidths of 2Mbps to a maximum of only 6Mbps under full PTZ. Typically the camera delivers HD video at similar bit rates to Standard Definition (SD) cameras. The 11000 operates in progressive scan mode, producing stunning quality images on PC monitors.

The HD cameras use advanced H.264 compression technology and complement the company’s existing 8000 (MPEG-4) and 9000 (H.264) range of SD 4SIF IP cameras. Both HD and SD cameras can operate seamlessly on the same network, providing end-users with a truly flexible solution and a wide spectrum of IP camera price/performance from which to choose.

The HD 11000 has a x10 optical and x12 digital zoom, allowing operators to zoom in and identify fine detail such as license plates and people’s faces. When using the digital zoom in a viewing pane the whole picture is still recorded for later analysis, even though the operator is only viewing a small part of the scene. The IP67 rated camera is available as either a standard or environmental pendant mount or with an in-ceiling mount.

Commenting on the launch of the new camera, Oliver Vellacott, IndigoVision CEO said, "I believe this is a very exciting product for our partners and end users. It brings all the benefits of High-Definition video to mainstream surveillance, without the bandwidth and storage overhead associated with traditional megapixel IP cameras. IndigoVision’s HD solution has already been adopted in some high-profile applications, such as the 500 HD IP cameras that Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) are using to monitor US-Canada border crossings, in what we believe to be the largest ever HD IP Video surveillance system."