EK Ekcessories' One Hander Card Holder receives FIPS 201 approval

Logan, UT- EK Ekcessories, electromagnetically opaque sleeve, the One Hander Card Holder received FIPS 201 approval from General Services Administration (GSA) under the most recent test criteria, the One Hander Card Holder protects your personal information from unauthorized data skimming. In October of 2006 in accordance with the FIPS 201 standard, requiring U.S. Government agencies to provide more secure identification credentials to their employee, agencies are also required to provide a protective sleeve that can help shield cards from unauthorized radio frequency interrogation attempts. Recognizing the urgency EK Ekcessories developed the One Hander Card Holder a product similar to their already popular and reliable Patriot Smart Card Holder.

The convenient new One Hander Card Holder from EK Ekcessories features a similar design as a flip cell phone; the face of the protective clear case flips open to expose the ID or Proximity card for scanning and in the closed position it has a protective shield to prevent unauthorized scanning of your ID card. The One Hander holds up to two CAC or TWIC cards and dramatically reduces wear and tear because, the card does not have to be removed to be scanned and while closed the clear case provides protection, significantly reduces lost ID badges and keeps the ID badge visible.

About EK Ekcessories

EK Ekcessories is an award winning manufacturer of outdoor, motor sport, pet, and safety/security accessories. For 25 years EK has been the name to recognize for those who demand quality and performance based accessories. EK Ekcessories is pleased to have received the governments stamp for approval on their One Hander Card Holder as well as the Guardian and Patriot Smart Card Holders.

For more information regarding this product or others within the EK Ekcessories line please call 800-338-2030 or email ek@ekusa.com.