VideoIQ launches iCVR-MP intelligent megapixel dome cameras

Cameras feature full megapixel analytics, IQTrack viewing

BEDFORD, Mass., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- VideoIQ, the leader in video surveillance innovation, today introduced iCVR-MP, a family of iCVR megapixel dome cameras. iCVR-MP cameras are revolutionary devices that deliver full 1080p resolution and frame rate, zero bandwidth recording, full megapixel analytics and support for IQTrack - automatic digital PTZ zoom and track.

The VideoIQ iCVR-MP megapixel cameras build upon the success of VideoIQ's iCVR cameras and encoders, which have achieved rapid market adoption and industry award recognition. With up to a half terabyte of intelligent, onboard Network Video Recorder (NVR) storage within each camera, the iCVR-MP megapixel cameras eliminate the need for expensive centralized storage - reducing deployment costs, system complexity, infrastructure, time and resources. Additionally, VideoIQ's embedded, adaptive analytics automatically calibrate in minutes, delivering superior real-time threat detection and forensic evidence at no additional cost. And with an advanced, fully integrated VMS, VideoIQ delivers the simplest, most powerful video surveillance system on the market within each iCVR-MP camera.

Features of the VideoIQ iCVR-MP cameras include:

- Full 1080p/30 video. VideoIQ iCVR-MP cameras are VideoIQ's highest resolution cameras, delivering dramatic 1080p video at up to 30 frames per second. With almost seven times the resolution of a standard VGA camera, the iCVR-MP allows customers to digitally zoom in for superior detail, or cover nearly three times the horizontal area - reducing costs by allowing customers to cover the same area with fewer cameras.

- Zero bandwidth megapixel recording. Unlike conventional megapixel cameras, VideoIQ iCVR-MP cameras store full 1080p video in up to a half terabyte of onboard NVR storage for months worth of recording, eliminating the need to stream high-resolution images across a network to a central NVR - reducing network traffic and bandwidth consumption by over 90%. As a result, iCVR-MP cameras simplify infrastructure dramatically, and can even be deployed in environments that are impractical for conventional megapixel cameras, including mixed IT networks, wireless networks, and WAN deployments.

- Megapixel video analytics. VideoIQ's patented video analytic technology is the only one capable of processing full megapixel streams on-camera - producing the highest accuracy and greatest range. iCVR-MP analytics deliver over two times the range of D1 analytics. Additionally, with a wider field of view and higher resolution than standard resolution cameras, VideoIQ's iCVR-MP cameras allow operators to capture greater detail and track objects for longer periods of time, delivering better context and perspective on suspicious behavior. Finally, the camera's real-time threat detection relies on VideoIQ's award winning adaptive analytics, which self calibrate in minutes, maintain calibration over time, and are capable of uniquely distinguishing people, vehicles and boats from other objects, animals and scene movement.

- IQTrack viewing. VideoIQ iCVR-MP cameras use unique VideoIQ intelligence to automatically identify, track and digitally zoom in on suspicious objects, delivering enhanced detail, while continuing to monitor and record the entire scene. This industry first enhances operator effectiveness by focusing attention on critical activity while maintaining the necessary scene context to appropriately respond to threats and investigate after the incident.

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