videoNEXT launches new product line

CHANTILLY, Va. , Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- videoNEXT, a leading provider of video management and physical security information management (PSIM) solutions, today announced a new portfolio of its flagship Security Knowledge Manager (SKM) platform, which now includes: SKM-Altus, SKM-Stratus and SKM-Cirrus. By offering SKM in three levels, the product is better optimized for different customer types and requirements.

SKM-Altus is the most powerful and versatile solution videoNEXT has ever offered. A proven solution for the Department of Defense and for other mission-critical installations, SKM-Altus offers the highest level of security and tactical applications for global enterprises. Customers will benefit from unrestricted use of all SKM technical options, including its application programming interface (API) and industry-leading support.

"We continually strive to ensure our products incorporate the latest technological advances as well as support the growing needs of the most sophisticated and demanding customers," said Andriy Fomenko , vice president and chief technology officer for videoNEXT. "Our customers know that 'one size does not fit all' and we now offer a variety of options in our suite of SKM solutions to allow them to 'right size' the application that provides the best value for the features they need."

SKM-Stratus version 2.6 is the update to videoNEXT's popular SKM version 2.5.2. Fomenko added, "SKM-Stratus enhances our industry-leading integration to third-party systems and sensors. It also introduces our latest advanced analytics and video wall display configuration. Our best-in-class event handling and storage volume management have also been refined. By continually improving our platform, we are able to provide our customers with a top-notch solution that will scale with their needs as the demands from the market change."

"With the ever-changing market, we felt it was the optimal time to advance our flagship solution and offer multiple levels to address the varying security challenges, as well as economic concerns of our customers," said Ryan Kaltenbaugh , vice president, Global Marketing and Strategic Partnerships for videoNEXT. "We understand value is king for security users and they only want to pay for the technology and features they really need. We are excited to offer this new suite of SKM solutions that can meet the budgetary requirements of any size organization."

Newly added features for SKM-Stratus and SKM-Altus include:

Also to be launched in the second quarter of 2009 is SKM-Cirrus, a consumer-oriented, standalone version of videoNEXT's SKM flagship platform. SKM-Cirrus will be available for download directly from the videoNEXT website and offers consumers a premiere and proven IP video management system for non-enterprise, smaller applications. "Any small business, and now the general consumer, can benefit from videoNEXT's vast experience and expertise in the high-level security arena. It will be easy to use, cost effective and straightforward. If you're looking to observe your vacation home, your boat slip or your small business, SKM-Cirrus is your answer," said Kaltenbaugh.

videoNEXT's suite of products is an open, standards-based PSIM software solution that works with almost any digital or analog camera, including high definition and megapixel. It aggregates data from video, audio, RFID, radar and many other sensors to capture, organize, store and distribute security information and events across any network. All videoNEXT products run on standard Intel-based servers and transform an organization's existing security and data infrastructure into a powerful, easy-to-use, enterprise-class PSIM system.