BioAxxis releases ThumbLock

Award-winning security developer, BioAxxis Development Corporation (BioAxxis), has announced the worldwide release of the BioAxxis ThumbLock this month.

“The ThumbLock is a milestone in innovation for consumers and businesses,” says CEO, Patrick Conway. “We have combined all the necessary features of a full access control system into one unique, standalone lock – starting at $699.00 to the customer. We allow for PIN-code access, fingerprint access, or a combination of both. And it is customizable per user, per lock. This is truly a revolution in flexibility for the customer.”

The focus in the patented design for the ThumbLock was not only to allow high-end residential customers access to a premium technology, but also to satisfy the increasing demand for affordable, high-security, biometric access control locks for commercial customers. This lock has everything a commercial customer could want from a mechanical lock – heavy duty rated over 1.2 million cycles, up to 1,000 user capacity, 3-hour UL fire-rated latch, free-wheeling clutch, 100% weatherproof design, ADA and HIPAA compliance, and so much more.

“The low price is just the tip of the iceberg,” continues Conway. “We have manufactured a durable and incredibly reliable mechanical product that will perform in heavy-duty settings like universities, government offices, military bases, law firms, gyms, pharmacies…I can go on and on with the applications. Bottom line – this lock is a work horse.”

But the ThumbLock’s value is best realized by its biggest innovation – the use of USB flash drive technology. With the Audit Trail Upgrade (ATU), customers can download their audit trail records through a USB port in the lock to a flash drive and then offload their records to a PC using BioAxxis’ easy to use software. With the PC Management Upgrade (PCMU), customers can register the fingerprints of all users at one centralized PC with a USB fingerprint scanner. Then they can set access control rights at the PC of each individual user to each individual lock. When finished, they can upload those access control rights to the flash drive and bring the flash drive to the lock to program the lock – directly from the flash drive.

“That is really the value proposition,” finishes Conway. “The ThumbLock is an affordable, heavy-duty biometric lock with audit trail and access control features. There are comparably-priced access control locks on the market – but they do not offer the security and accuracy of biometrics. Why would you spend the same for less technology? The answer – you shouldn’t. Or you could buy a full LAN-based, integrated access control system; but why would you spend $3,000.00-4,000.00 per door for wall-mounted access control panels unless you absolutely needed them? The answer – you wouldn’t.”