Virginia Tech tests emergency notification system with Inova LEDs

OnAlert LED displays contribute to comprehensive mass alerting

When an important message is posted to the LED boards, a brief audible tone and message color indicates urgency. Virginia Tech installed more than 200 OnAlert LED displays in general assignment classrooms and other high-traffic locations. Full deployment of the displays was completed within 60 days of the purchase decision. Additional message boards are under consideration. For the complete case study on Virginia Tech’s use of Inova OnAlert mass notification displays, go to

What Are Inova OnAlert LED Displays?

Inova OnAlert is a visual communications system that processes and displays customized messages on bright, visible LED wallboards. The displays normally show time and date information, and draw attention with audible alerts and/or color changes for emergency messages. The displays have a wide viewing angle and can be clearly seen from more than 100 feet away. In the Washington Metrorail system, the displays were among the few functional communication devices in Washington, D.C., following the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The displays provided informational and directional messages that led passengers to safety.