ObjectVideo and Draco Systems enter into OEM partnership

Reston, VA and BARCELONA, Spain – October 28, 2008 – Draco Systems, the best partner in hardware and software solutions for video and image processing, and ObjectVideo, the leader in intelligent video, jointly announced that they have entered into an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership agreement. As an OEM partner, Draco Systems will embed the ObjectVideo OnBoard processor-based suite of analytics software within its new range of intelligent devices developed under the trademark Smart Eyes.

The new technology will make intelligent video surveillance more accessible to the mass market and can save OEMs significant development time in the creation of security applications.

Draco Systems, a Texas Instruments (TI) Third Party, is pleased that ObjectVideo ported their algorithms to run on TI's digital media processors. "Thanks to this combination, we are enhancing our own DSP (digital signal processor)-based analytics capabilities and continuing to offer our customers advanced technologies to address their diverse security requirements," said Meritxell Gimeno, CEO, Draco Systems. "Together, we will provide robust and reliable high-performance solutions to the security market."

As part of the agreement, Draco Systems will release its Smart Eyes PCI board as its first product with ObjectVideo OnBoard embedded. ObjectVideo's technology will also be fully integrated with a broad array of next generation smart devices including camera solutions and IP stand-alone systems.

"Since all processor needs are provided by DSPs, Draco allows customers with PC-based DVR and video management software to easily integrate high-end video analytics without using a large amount of CPU space," said Carlos Angeles, European manager, ObjectVideo. "Plus, Draco's partnership with TI enables them to offer ObjectVideo's analytics running on the latest DaVinci chipsets."

Joan Puig, Draco's hardware manager said, "Our customers will now be able to benefit from the industry-leading video analytics software developed by ObjectVideo running on our state-of-the-art, high performance hardware products. Draco's scalable solutions will bring all the benefits of computer-assisted surveillance to our customers in transport and security."

Designed as an embedded video content analytics solution, ObjectVideo OnBoard intelligently discerns objects of interest; distinguishes between humans, vehicles, and other objects; continuously tracks positions for all moving and stationary targets; and recognizes if objects have been removed or left behind at the designated site; among other potentially relevant behaviors. When changes are detected in the video, ObjectVideo OnBoard immediately issues alerts—complete with still images or full-motion video—locally or remotely over the IP network to security personnel, maintaining detailed event logs of highly accurate computer assisted surveillance and monitoring.