Seamless Communications releases iSecure suite of products

An exciting and innovative application featuring a convergence of VoIP, first alert, physical security and notification capability was introduced at the ISC East International Trade Show on October 29th. This application, known as iSecure, is a suite of products offering a wide variety of solutions for the customization of physical security systems. The release of iSecure by SCG takes converged security controls from concept to reality through a common simple interface.

iSecure has amazed industry insiders by offering a patented convergence implementation that was believed to be years away from release. The specific products in the iSecure suite offer fully customized solutions based completely upon the needs of the client. The application includes five vital physical control features. Two of these, iDoorSecure and iGateSecure, give security managers the power to open or lock down entry points. This can be accomplished either while on site or remotely. The physical security warning systems iLightSecure and iSoundSecure are also fully controllable and completely designed for the customer. The innovative iCellControl lets any iSecure feature be initiated and managed through cellular phones.

The iSecure umbrella also includes first alert capability, a critical tool for any organization. Single number direct emergency support is available to constituents with the iAlertSecure feature. This instant communication expands to all campus Blue Light or emergency phone architectures with iCallSecure. iCellAlert links every member of an organization with security personnel through their cellular phones. In conjunction with all the features of iSecure, customers benefit from simultaneously collected incident reporting details. This is a great benefit for the fulfillment of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) requirements.

An add-on offering to the iSecure suite is the notification agent known as iNotify. This product enables customized alerts and bulletins to be disseminated instantly to all phones in an organization.

Never before has there been a full convergence of VoIP technology and physical security. The capabilities provided by iSecure are literally unprecedented in nature. Major players in the security marketplace have repeatedly stated that such an application wouldn’t present itself to the marketplace for years to come.