LEGIC announces partnership with Shanghai United Sea Trading

Shanghai United Sea Trading holds a leading market position in the installation of over-all security systems for offices and public buildings. From safe locks and cylinder systems up to architectural hardware and complete access control systems, the product portfolio includes all parts of an integrated security solution.

"Thanks to the collaboration with LEGIC, we are able to expand our product portfolio offering mechanical as well as electronic locking solutions in all fields of physical access control," says Mr. Joseph Gu, Director of Shanghai United Sea Trading. "Our customers benefit from modern security standards and from a cutting-edge technology that meets highest requirements in terms of flexibility and convenience."

"The partnership with Shanghai United Sea Trading is a very important step for us in the Asian market," confirms Dr Otto Eggimann, Vice President Sales and Business Development of LEGIC. "As a leading provider of integrated security technologies for many industries, the collaboration with United Sea Trading is essential to strengthen our own position in China."