Bulgarian airports utilize IP VMS solution

Milestone Systems helps Varna and Burgas airports improve security and operational excellence

Fraport Twin Star has plans to build new terminals at both airports. With the Milestone IP video open platform, it will be no problem to expand the system for this coverage, including management of activities during the construction phase. Since the airport staff includes some people with programming skills, they are furthermore interested in using the Milestone SDK (Software Development Kit) to make integrations with back-end applications like logistics, to work in concert with the Milestone open platform video surveillance.

Technical advantages bring savings and return on investment
Milestone’s unique archiving technology provides great cost efficiencies for the airports, especially considering their 30-day archive retention rule. XProtect allows them to archive their recorded video on the IBM storage hardware that provides large cost-efficient hard disks, and simultaneously operates with the live video running on faster performance disks.

In addition, initial installations of some H.264 IP cameras have already proven cost savings of 30%, so the airports look forward to incorporating more of these high-compression video cameras in future. XProtect software makes it very easy to add new cameras and innovations as they become available in the market.

The airports want to add other innovations in the future through video analytics. These could be applied when they make entrance and exit lanes for passenger movements in the terminals, especially in the customs areas. Uni-directional flow will make it easier for analytics to alert when someone is going in the wrong direction. They also are looking into left baggage analytics and tripwire solutions to help prevent people from going to unauthorized areas. Tailgating alerts could detect improper access by people who try to enter on someone else’s card.