Metaforic enters U.S. IT security software market

Metaforic's High Profile Executive Team to Deliver Anti-Tamper Software Security Solution to U.S. Market

SAN JOSE, Calif. , Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Software anti-tamper start-up, Metaforic, today announced the launch of its U.S. operations and the opening of an office in San Jose, California . Metaforic, which is co-founded by a successful technology and business team led by CEO Andrew McLennan , was recently honored as a semi-finalist in the Global Security Challenge (GSC), an international business competition focusing on and identifying the world's most promising security start-ups.

The company also recently announced $2 million in funding from software specialist venture capitalists Pentech Ventures and the Scottish Co-Investment Fund. The funding will be used to expand the company's worldwide operations including sales and marketing in the U.S.

Co-founders CEO Andrew McLennan , COO Linda MacKellar and CTO Neil Stewart all have extensive executive level experience with successful technology start-ups founded to create and market innovative technology solutions to address difficult industry problems. With a background in the video game software industry, Metaforic's founders aim to drastically increase application protection to fight software piracy and restore lost revenue opportunities.

Metaforic's first commercially available product, MetaFortress, is a software anti-tamper solution that protects applications from piracy and illegal use by utilizing a network of thousands of cross-referenced checks, which can take years of painstaking work to remove. MetaFortress is the result of a five-year research project funded by the Scottish government to combat the staggering problem of software piracy that contributes to an estimated $40 billion in lost software revenue worldwide. MetaFortress' approach extends the time it takes for hackers to penetrate an application from minutes to months or even years. Metaforic aims to create the highest level of application protection and make it usable for all software and environments.

"We've received very positive and constructive feedback from the European market for our groundbreaking product and are now at the stage where we are ready to bring our product's unique capabilities to the ever-important U.S. market," said Andrew McLennan , CEO of Metaforic. "In time, the Metaforic name will come to define the most effective means of preventing against even the most sophisticated software attacks."

About the Founders

CEO Andrew McLennan is a successful entrepreneur who has founded five start-up companies since 1993. McLennan has held all key management roles in start-ups including CEO, CCO, and COO. He has founded companies in all aspects of the supply chain, as a developer, as a service provider, and as a hardware manufacturer. He holds an honors degree in mechanical engineering with aerodynamics from Strathclyde University.

COO Linda MacKellar is a specialist in IP/IT law and has worked with pioneering law firms in this area as well as running her own legal practice. MacKellar has held in-house commercial roles since 2001, and has been a co-founder of three start-ups. She has an honors degree LL.B. and the Dip.LP. from Dundee University and a master of laws degree in computer and information technology law from Strathclyde University.

CTO Neil Stewart is a software engineer and 15-year veteran of the video games industry. Stewart co-founded a successful application development firm, specializing in image processing and animation software for the game and multimedia industries. From there, he moved into game development, heading up both technology research and game production at several game developers, holding roles from lead programmer to chief technical officer. He has an honors degree in computer science from Stirling University.

About Metaforic

Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland , with offices in San Jose, Calif. , Metaforic develops anti-tamper products to protect any software application, as well as DRM systems, Client Applications and License Management Systems. 'MetaFortress' armors applications from the inside out, preventing and protecting against all forms of tampering, piracy and the most sophisticated hacking attacks. Metaforic's revolutionary software is easy to use and offers extreme protection with near zero performance impact. Further information is available at Metaforic's website