BRS Labs announces AISight 2.1

Behavioral analytics solution accurately classifies objects, efficiently tracks large numbers of moving objects

Universally compatible with legacy camera and software systems, AISight 2.1 supports a robust, fully documented SDK that leads the way for turnkey integration – a time and cost saving complement to its industry-leading ease of installation. BRS Labs continues to expand and support our Value Added Reseller and Partner programs.

As Behavioral Analytics continues to evolve and push the industry envelope; AISight frequently generates broad discussion across the security community.

"Such ground-breaking technology seems like science fiction, but the strong, factual science behind the product repeatedly is being proven through field product performance and acceptance," says Chris Peterson, Executive Vice President of Sales. "We are pleased to provide a proof of concept service for clients who have a serious interest in deploying AISight to solve their security challenges. We look forward to providing the opportunity to discover the immediate benefits AISight can provide to security and critical infrastructure facilities."

Behavioral Analytics technology, the backbone of the AISight system, combines computer vision with machine learning to provide actionable intelligence through real-time, relevant alerts on abnormal behavior. This field-tested, proven product takes visual input from a live camera or recorded video, autonomously learns what activities and behaviors normally occur in the environment, and notifies security personnel of anomalous behaviors with real-time alerts. The system is managed and monitored through desktop and browser-based applications or existing command and control systems and third-party video management systems (VMS.) AISight's easy installation and setup require no coding of rules or trip lines and no masking of any areas within the camera’s field of view. AISight can effectively and efficiently enhance the security industry's efforts to watch the tens of millions of video cameras used globally - providing faster identification of evolving threats and better protection of critical assets.

AISight is currently successfully deployed in applications across the globe that typically confound traditional video detection systems including seaports, airports, transportation, law enforcement, public facilities, and other complex environments involving large-scale and diverse distribution of surveillance cameras.

AISight 2.1 will be on display in Booth #20097 during ISC West from March 24-26, 2010 at the Sands Convention Center.