Rocstor introduces new secure data storage hard drive

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. - February 17, 2009 - ROCSECURE, a division of ROCSTOR, a leading provider of fast, high-capacity data storage and encryption solutions, announces the new generation of ROCSAFE, secure encrypted line of external hard drives.

Rocsecure Rocsafe MX Mobile is the world's first encrypted hard drive enclosure with FIPS level-2 Smartcard protection. It employs Real-Time Hardware Encryption for protecting data on the hard drive and smartcard technology for authentication. Designed to encrypt all data on-the-fly, Rocsafe MX Mobile requires no software installation and operates independently of the operating system.

A unique feature of Rocsafe MX Mobile is that it has an embedded keypad allowing you to key in your PIN directly onto the unit. This ensures protection from key-loggers that may be recording your keystrokes. Together with full disk encryption and smartcard based authentication, these features give you the ultimate level of protection with an unrivaled ease of use.

Rocsecure - Rocsafe MX is a hardware-based encryption device that secures data in a SATA hard disk drive against hackers and information-thieves. Uniquely designed as a bump-in-the-wire device on the SATA cable, the Rocsafe MX requires no mounting and simply plugs in-between the SATA connector on the motherboard and the hard disk drive. It operates transparently and encrypts all data written onto the hard disk without any loss in disk performance.

Rocsafe MX does not require any additional software drivers or applications to be installed and is a fully independent of the operating system. Once deployed, users would be assured that all the data on the Rocsafe MX is fully protected from unauthorized access in the event the hard disk is lost or stolen.

Regulatory Compliance

Rocsafe MX employs data encryption and pre-boot authentication allowing organizations to better protect and control access to their corporate and customer records, thus complying with regulations such as Sarbames Oaxley, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) and Gramm-Leach Billey (GLB).

Real-time Hardware Encryption

Rocsecure -Rocsafe MX Mobile consists of eNova hardware-based encryption module that performs full disk operation, i.e. it encrypts every byte and every sector of data that is written onto the hard drive. Since encryption and decryption happens on-the-fly in hardware, there is no loss in disk performance.

Hardware encryption has other advantages too. Since no software is required to be installed on the PC, you need not be concerned about Trojans/viruses or software upgrades. This generally reduces the total cost of ownership.

Two-factor Authentication

Rocsafe MX Mobile authenticates the user every time it is plugged into a PC. To give your data the highest level of security, it uses smartcards. You not only need to insert a smartcard ("something you have") but also need to key in a PIN ("something you know") before the hard drive becomes accessible. This use of two factors for authentication gives you the same level of security offered by bank ATM's cards.

A unique feature of Rocsafe MX Mobile is that it has an embedded keypad for PIN entry. Since the entering of the PIN is done on the unit and not on the PC, the Rocsafe MX is safe from Trojans and key-loggers that may be recording your keystrokes. Further, this feature allows for authentication before the PC detects the drive. This translates to complete operating system independence - the OS only sees the USB drive after successful authentication and is unaware that data is being transparently encrypted.

Real-time Encryption

Rocsecure Rocsafe MX is eNova hardware-based cryptographic module that encrypts every single byte of data that is written onto the hard disk in a real-time without any loss in disk performance.

Pre-boot Authentication

Rocsafe MX authenticates the user every time the PC powers on or resumes from hibernation. The PC will only boot into the Operating System on the attached hard disk drive upon successful user authentication. Rocsafe MX offers two modes:

  • Single-Factor Authentication: In this mode, the user is prompted for a password at the pre-boot stage after the power is turned ON. Rocsafe MX grants access to the user if the correct password is presented.
  • Two-factor Authentication: In this mode, the user is prompted for the KeyCrypt USB cryptographic token (something you have), as well as the password associated with the token (something you know). Rocsafe MX grants access only if the correct token and password is presented.

Availability: ROCSAFE MX series will be available in April 2009, in a variety of capacities through selected national and international Dealer/Reseller Channel. For more product information, visit