Rocstor introduces new secure data storage hard drive

Rocsafe MX employs real-time hardware encryption security with military grade caliber

Real-time Encryption

Rocsecure Rocsafe MX is eNova hardware-based cryptographic module that encrypts every single byte of data that is written onto the hard disk in a real-time without any loss in disk performance.

Pre-boot Authentication

Rocsafe MX authenticates the user every time the PC powers on or resumes from hibernation. The PC will only boot into the Operating System on the attached hard disk drive upon successful user authentication. Rocsafe MX offers two modes:

  • Single-Factor Authentication: In this mode, the user is prompted for a password at the pre-boot stage after the power is turned ON. Rocsafe MX grants access to the user if the correct password is presented.
  • Two-factor Authentication: In this mode, the user is prompted for the KeyCrypt USB cryptographic token (something you have), as well as the password associated with the token (something you know). Rocsafe MX grants access only if the correct token and password is presented.

Availability: ROCSAFE MX series will be available in April 2009, in a variety of capacities through selected national and international Dealer/Reseller Channel. For more product information, visit