ACT Meters’ solution turns 10

UK based company ACT Meters celebrates its 10th year trading following the successful launch of its GOLD-IBT Intelligent Battery Tester into the US market.

Supplied through ADI wholesalers, the GOLD-IBT has gone on to become UL Listed and win the American ISC/EXPO security industry award and IFSEC sponsored ‘BSIA’ award in its homeland. Demand for the GOLD-IBT has also developed further outside of the security industry to include clients from the automotive, healthcare and leisure sectors.

David Grant, the company’s managing director, said: "The GOLD-IBT is a complete success story. Ten years on, more than 25,000 alarm technicians use it every day to test and show their clients exactly how much capacity is left in their battery. As a result, false alarms caused by low capacity and defective batteries have been prevented."

The GOLD-IBT provides a fast, accurate solution to measuring Ah capacity available in 12V SLA and car batteries from 1.2Ah and 200Ah. It simulates a full 20 hour battery discharge test in 6 seconds and automatically displays DC voltage, temperature and DC capacity available. Pocket sized and free from complicated settings and switches, the GOLD-IBT is ideal for identifying defective batteries quickly and accurately.

ACT Meters Ltd has supplied alarm test equipment to the security industry globally for more than 20 years. For 2009, it has expanded its battery testing range to include the ACT 33, a highly sophisticated meter which performs ‘true-life-on-line’ testing and allows measurements of voltage, resistance, current and Ah capacity to be recorded simultaneously.

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