videoNEXT develops Mac-based surveillance solution

Chantilly, VA - August 10, 2009 - videoNEXT, a developer of leading-edge surveillance software and physical security information management (PSIM) solutions, announces the availability of SKM-Cirrus, a stand-alone, Apple version of its flagship enterprise product Security Knowledge Manager (SKM). SKM-Cirrus is a unique surveillance solution geared toward small businesses as well as consumers utilizing Apple's innovative Mac platform.

"For almost a decade, Security Knowledge Manager has been proven in mission-critical projects for corporate, government and military. We're excited to offer the same innovative and reliable technology to the consumer and 'prosumer' market," said Chris Gettings, president & CEO for videoNEXT. "Small business owners need the security of 24/7 video surveillance of their store or office. Property owners need access from anywhere to live and recorded video of residences, vacation properties, boats and other high value assets. They both need SKM-Cirrus on the Mac -- the high value, low cost way to capture, organize, store and distribute high quality video and sensor information."

Prior to SKM-Cirrus, users often had to trade off ease of use for advanced features. SKM-Cirrus provides an intuitive, browser interface, supported by the world-class Mac OS Xoperating system. It also retains enterprise-class functionality and mission-critical reliability. The SKM-Cirrus version uses the same framework as the enterprise SKM product, but with additional features such as auto camera discovery and simplified disk management to support users who may not have an IT department.

"SKM-Cirrus is not only to easy-to-use, it is also easy to get. This cost-effective surveillance tool is available via a simple download directly from You simply install the software on your Mac, connect your cameras and you are able to view live and recorded video from your computer or iPhone," explained Gettings.

videoNEXT's SKM is an open, standards-based software solution that works with nearly any IP, digital or analog camera, runs on any Intel based server and uses an organization's existing security and data infrastructure in new and powerful ways. It provides the easiest and most scalable IP surveillance and PSIM solution available. Combining this with full policy-level administration and its unique, flexible, high availability Storage Volume Manager - organizations and individuals now have a highly capable, powerful, scalable and easy-to-use PSIM tool that truly synchronizes security. In addition to SKM-Cirrus for the consumer market, videoNEXT continues to lead the industry with its feature-rich and innovative enterprise solutions: SKM-Altus, and SKM-Stratus, which bundle video and security feature sets to suit a broad spectrum of uses.