Bosch debuts AutoDome Easy II camera

Fairport, N.Y. – Bosch Security Systems, Inc., a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security solutions, announces the release of the AutoDome Easy II, a compact and affordable indoor pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera designed to bridge the gap between fixed minidomes and traditional PTZ cameras.

Ideal for discrete surveillance applications, the AutoDome Easy II is nearly one quarter the size of a traditional PTZ dome camera and 20 percent smaller than most other minidomes. A single AutoDome Easy II provides as much coverage as four fixed minidomes at half the cost of a traditional high-speed PTZ camera. Choosing the AutoDome Easy II allows users to monitor a larger area with fewer cameras, resulting in reduced system installation and maintenance costs. Designed for improved aesthetics, the AutoDome Easy II is well suited for education, retail and corporate settings.

The powerful AutoDome Easy II provides 360 degrees continuous rotation and incorporates a high-performance 120x (10x optical/12x digital) zoom autofocus camera to give users an increased monitoring range. It incorporates the latest digital imaging technology to deliver 530 TV Lines of resolution for sharper images that capture all the important details in a scene. With excellent sensitivity to below 1.0 lux, the AutoDome Easy II provides effective color imaging even in low-light conditions.

The new camera allows for 12 privacy masks that can be programmed with up to five corners to cover more complex shapes than conventional privacy masks. As the camera is zoomed, each mask quickly changes size to ensure that the covered object cannot be seen. In addition to black and white masks, users can choose a blurred option to help preserve privacy while maintaining the ability to detect motion in high-risk areas.

The compact camera is also packed with features that make it easy to operate and install. Proportional zoom control and automatic focus deliver optimal camera control and viewing at all times. Ninety-nine definable preset positions and the ability to move up to 360 degrees per second between positions allow users to view critical areas quickly with the touch of a button.

Bosch’s innovative Bilinx technology is built in to the new camera to allow for two-way communications over the video cable. This capability reduces installation times by allowing technicians to verify camera status, change settings and update firmware from a laptop computer. The AutoDome Easy II also uses the same menu and command structure as the AutoDome Modular Camera System to make it easier for technicians familiar with the AutoDome series to configure the camera.

A heavy-duty, tamper-resistant aluminum housing and rugged polycarbonate bubble protect the camera from vandalism and theft, enabling the AutoDome Easy II to deliver critical images even in the toughest environments. Subject to the industry’s most comprehensive and demanding battery of endurance tests, the AutoDome Easy II cameras are assured to deliver years of dependable operation.

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