Honeywell launches security system iPhone application

MELVILLE, N.Y., Aug. 10, 2009 – Honeywell has launched a new application for the Apple iPhone that allows home and business owners to stay connected to their security systems while on the go.

Available on Apple’s iTunes App Store, the My Keypad App is compatible with Honeywell security control panels and replicates a physical keypad on the iPhone and iPod Touch touchscreens, enabling users to perform tasks such as remotely arming or disarming their security systems. My Keypad is part of Honeywell’s popular Total Connect application that allows home and business owners to command and control their security systems from any location via Web browser.

“Staying connected makes for greater peace-of-mind for both home and business owners concerned about their family’s safety and their business security,” said Gordon Hope, general manager of Honeywell’s AlarmNet communications network. “Mobile devices like the iPhone are known for the conveniences they add to our everyday lives. Applications like My Keypad and Total Connect, though, offer more than just convenience – they allow you to control an important aspect of your home and/or business even if you’re not physically there.”

In addition to controlling security systems using My Keypad, Total Connect customers can be notified of activities happening inside the home or business. For example, the system can send emails that alert users to specific events such as when a child disarms the security system upon returning home from school, or when a gun or liquor cabinet has been opened. When combined with a Total Connect video system, users can view images from cameras on a PC or their mobile devices.

Total Connect subscribers can download the My Keypad App free on iTunes. For more information about Total Connect services, please contact your local security systems provider or visit