Genetec releases newest version of Omnicast

Saint-Laurent, Canada, October 23, 2008 – Genetec, the leader in innovative IP security solutions, announces the release of the latest version of its IP video surveillance security solution, Omnicast. With this new release, customers will benefit from new hardware integrations and enhancements to existing integrations from leading security technology manufacturers such as Pelco, Axis, Barco, and Panasonic.

The most significant new additions in Omnicast 4.3 are the support for Axis H.264 IP cameras and encoders and the Pelco extension, which supports the integration of several Pelco IP products. Specifically, customers with interest in integration with new top-of-the-line products from both Axis and Pelco will benefit from even more flexibility in designing their system or in migrating their system from analog to IP.

More so, Omnicast 4.3 now supports Axis guard tour feature enabling PTZ camera patterns in Omnicast as well as software motion detection for MPEG-4 streams from a few Panasonic cameras. Omnicast’s Barco Hydra plugin has also been enhanced as users are now able to manage the displayed video on the Barco wall using a CCTV keyboard. In addition to live video, customers now have the ability to display camera sequences and playback video on the Barco wall, through simple CCTV keyboard commands.

"The open architecture of Omnicast has allowed us to keep giving our customers more options when it comes to hardware selection and the support of new hardware functionalities, which is a real advantage," claims Francis Lachance, Product Manager at Genetec for Omnicast. "Customers can build their systems with Omnicast knowing not only that there are many hardware options available to them today, but also feeling confident that most pioneering hardware technology released in the future will be supported by Omnicast. This truly gives them a sense of unlimited possibilities."