Japanese retail franchise deploys network video recorders


For a famous Japanese franchise of over 600 branches, the owner was troubled when approaching QNAP for a reliable solution. Since the franchise has reported several incidents of theft, the owner realized the importance of a providing a safe shopping environment not only for security issues but also for its prestige reputation and was ready to invest on replacing its old CCTV system which has proven itself ineffective. However, two things came to mind during his search for a new solution: Mobile monitoring and User friendly configuration. These two aspects are vital to the chain store owner. As he needed to improve efficiency by centrally monitoring the chain stores for any irregular activities and also needed to cutback on the costs of training employees of over 600 branches how to operate the new system. In the end, the owner now benefits from the smart choice he made and is happy with the final results.


Previously, the DVR system delivers M-JPEG in VGA resolution with fair quality yet it was clearly not enough to identify the thieves. Thus the team replaced the old system with QNAP VS-2008 Pro NVR and with 2-4 units of Axis M-1031 IP cameras placed behind the cashier. The two replacements support H.264 compression which not only provides rich resolution but also requires only minimal hard drive space for saving the recordings, thus meeting the owner’s demand for lowering the costs. In addition, by enabling the scheduled remote backup function, video recordings can be sent to a central NAS server at a pre-configured time to avoid the usage peak of the network and to enhance security through centralized management of the recordings.

With QNAP VS-2008 Pro NVR system, the owner can cut back on the costs of purchasing additional PCs thanks to its "Local Display" feature. It allows the operator to achieve Multi channel playback by just connecting a monitor directly to the Standalone NVR, saving the necessity of a PC and saving very limited storage space. In efforts to provide a fast and effective management tools, the system includes remote monitoring in which the owner can log onto different systems *with pre-configured IP addresses and simply key-in the account/password to check the system’s monitoring status. Additionally meeting current trends, the V-mobile app for iPhone, iPad, PDA also allows the shop managers to access the system anywhere via internet and check what’s happening at the shop!

Furthermore, the Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) can also prove to be useful as events can be configured so as a warning will be set off. For example, if you set a general motion of a door area, the system will set off a warning every time somebody opens or closes the door. In a real case scenario, a thief once broke into a shop’s front door after business hours and the system immediately sent a warning SMS to the shop manager, fortunately no losses occurred with the fast reaction of the shop manager and the system!


"The monitoring schedule of more than 600 stores can be time and effort consuming, fortunately, QNAP’s backend multi-server remote operation is smartly designed and simplified for management level use," said Yasushi Nakaguro, the project manager at R.O.D. He added, "local multi-channel playback and mobile views are essential for retail shops as they have limited budgets and space for extra PC purchase. More than anything, in-time support from QNAP Security team plays a crucial backup role to our service."

In 2011, R.O.D is expanding this security system protection scale up to 900 units of QNAP Viostor NVR PRO, by adopting another 3000 pieces of IP cameras for meeting the spirit of this chain store group-to share the joy with customers, and to create a reliable environment that makes shopping truly convenient and safe in all aspects.