Portman Security opens new manufacturing facility

Cymbals clanged and firecrackers exploded as Charles Chu painted eyes on the dragons. They sprang to life and charged ceremoniously into the plant. Combing through every corner and corridor, these ancient symbols of abundance, prosperity, benevolence and good luck loudly and colorfully drove away any evil spirits and replacing them with positive energy. In this way Portman Security Systems, a major manufacturer of security and consumer electronics, began the grand opening ceremony of their latest manufacturing plant in the Pearl River Delta city of Dongguan in Guangdong Province, China.

The grand opening coincided with the annual Portman New Year party, a gala event that owner Charles Chu presents every Chinese New Year in celebration and appreciation of employees and customers. Among the benefits Portman employees have access to are choreography and costume design –essential to success in the highly competitive and entertaining annual talent contest.

"If you invest in good people and build with precision and integrity, quality is always present, and you can concentrate on exceptional service to the customer." said Portman Electronics CEO Charles Chu. "We have continued to prove for over 25 years that quality and reliability is the key to success. Our focus since 1983 has always been the management of our extraordinary growth. For this we thank our dedicated employees and loyal customers. Today we gather to celebrate our success and the opening of yet another new factory. As others world wide shrink and close, we continue to grow and prosper -not through cheap and inferior products, but through innovation, quality, reliability and service."

Headquartered in Taiwan, with manufacturing facilities in China and regional offices in several countries, Portman is one of the world’s largest OEM manufacturers of electronic security products and has customers and partners in over 80 countries involved in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental activities.