Cohu Electronics introduces 6960 Series positioner, camera

The Cohu 6960 Series Positioner is a full-spectrum site surveillance solution with customized, off-the-shelf availability.

This robust package combines the abilities of thermal cameras, optical cameras, IR illuminators, and a precise positioner all in one package. This package, with thermal and optical cameras in IP67 ruggedized enclosures on top of a full 360o positioner opens the possibilities for surveillance, process monitoring, or perimeter security in daylight, obscured visibility, and extreme low light conditions.

The 6960 Series camera effectively detects, recognizes, and identifies targets in all light conditions.

Typically on the 6960, a thermal imager is used in conjunction with either a day/night 35x color camera or a low-light sensitivity monochrome camera. This combination provides the unique all-weather target detection capabilities of thermal cameras with the precise target recognition and identification provided by Cohu’s day/night and monochrome cameras. In environments clouded by haze, rain, smoke, fog, or extremely low light, this 6960 platform provides high quality surveillance video.

Cohu Electronics has been building cameras and systems in the CCTV industry for more than 50 years.

With a reputation for quality, Cohu proudly manufactures and delivers high quality surveillance solutions that integrate easily into nearly all system management and policy-based software. When an off-the-shelf system will not work, Cohu can custom design a system to fit your application.