Talis Data Systems launches Datagent

San Diego, CA, AFCEA West 2009, Booth 1949 (February 11, 2009) - Talis Data Systems, a developer of computer and network security products, today announced the launch of Datagent(tm), an NSA/NIAP-validated, hardware-based security system. When installed in a PC or workstation, Datagent controls user-access to peripherals, preventing data migration across multiple, secure networks and providing complete protection against insider attacks.

Through Talis' current sole distributor, Synnex, Datagent is available integrated into Dell's Precision T3400 Workstation and HP's DC7900 desktop PC products. Independent of the PC's operating system, Datagent's SmartCard-based interface provides system administrators with a fully-configurable and auditable protection strategy to manage user access to components, such as hard drives, USB ports and network connections. The product is NSA/NIAP-validated at EAL level 4 and ensures complete physical separation of up to three networks within a single desktop computer.

Datagent-equipped computers save space and energy for multi-network users by replacing up to three legacy desktops with a single system. This reduces PC procurement and support costs, while enabling the single computer to meet multi-domain security requirements. This is especially important for government and commercial entities seeking to minimize energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint, while drastically cutting costs.

"Datagent's unique, hardware-only design maximizes security, while saving resources," said John Mellor, vice president, Talis Data Systems. "We've heard of security administrators that put Super Glue in USB ports to avoid security breaches. In line with the Obama administration's goals of hardening our nation's cyber infrastructure and preventing corporate cyber espionage, Datagent preserves data integrity from internal attacks, minimizes IT hardware expenditure and dramatically reduces energy consumption – literally saving taxpayer dollars."

For more information on Datagent or Talis Data Systems, please visit http://www.talisdata.com. To schedule an appointment with Talis Data Systems at AFCEA West 2009, please contact Erin Hall or Katie Eakins from LEWIS PR at 619 677 2700 or talis@lewispr.com.