Siemens introduces new access control system

Solna, Sweden, The Siemens Building Technologies Division announces the release of the market package 6.5 (MP6.5) of its SiPass Entro access control system. The new version of this user-friendly and scalable access control system provides a number of new features especially requested by the retail segment and enhances the networking capabilities of the system.

SiPass Entro has long been popular with retailers, and in order to make the system even more appealing to these customers, SiPass Entro MP6.5 includes a number of new features that have been proven to be the most requested ones from the retail segment.

Amongst these is the "customizable emergency opening" feature, with which the user has the possibility to select which doors will unlock when a specific event occurs. To prevent people from being trapped inside a building, SiPass Entro MP6.5 includes a new "lock monitor output" feature that clearly indicates if the monitored doors are unlocked or not. Furthermore, the user now has the possibility to specify exceptions from the normal intrusion arming time schedule, e.g. to support special events such as bank holidays and long Saturdays. SiPass Entro MP6.5 also offers an "enhanced door interlocking" functionality, which makes it possible to define a group of doors and ensure that when one door in that group is open, none of the others can be unlocked.

Flexible networking functionality

To make installations in network environments more flexible and less knowledge demanding, the networking capabilities in SiPass Entro MP6.5 have been upgraded. With its full support for Network Address Translation (NAT) the system provides maximum flexibility in the use of static or dynamic IP addresses. In addition to its compatibility with numerous operating systems, SiPass Entro now supports Windows 7 as well.

To support developers of interfaces to third-party systems such as

"Time & Attendance", the documentation for SiPass Entro's application programming interface (BAPSI) has been updated and structured in a better way to improve usability. A new planning guide is also available, which includes a wealth of useful "pre-installation" information for system designers and installers.
System overview

The SiPass Entro software can manage up to 10,000 sites, each with the capacity to support up to 512 doors, 40,000 cardholders, 480 access groups, 240 time schedules, 240 zones with five different functions (alarm control, anti-passback, roll call, entrance limitations, and interlock), 64 reservation objects, 192 floors (elevator control), 16 Sistore digital video recorders and 128 cameras.

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