Brijot launches new software

Lake Mary, FL -- Brijot announced today the introduction of their new Brijot Application Software (BAS) 1.0. The BAS's new graphical user interface is more operator friendly than ever before. With improved millimeter wave (MMW) imaging it makes detecting objects concealed under clothing even more efficient and effective. The new software utilizes an open architecture that makes implementation, future enhancement development, and integration with other systems easier.

The BAS display of the MMW imagery is a processed image that incorporates advances that produce smoother images compared to previous software. This processed image and improved screen resolution well defines the objects being detected. All this, coupled with faster MMW imaging frame rates notably improves image processing, display and detection.

The BAS allows for monitoring of multiple systems on one screen, enabling the operator to observe several screening sites from a central location. Additionally, the ability to resize the image windows allows operators to enlarge a particular system's windows for closer inspection. These capabilities reduce the amount of ancillary equipment and personnel needed to manage several screening sites.

Improvements in the processing include the ability for the detection engine to alert on a broader range of materials such as those that absorb energy and become marginally "hotter than" the human over time. These "hotter than" detections are a key feature not currently available by any competing technology. Lastly, an increased immunity to false positives caused by the environment, will allow quick throughput by eliminating unnecessary false alarm resolutions.

Brijot's complete solution offers a quick, proficient and proven successful method of screening individuals entering or leaving a facility for concealed objects. Whether the items of concern are liquids, gels, composites, metals, narcotics, currency, electronics, or any other contraband, the Brijot GEN 2 and the BAS gives true real-time imaging and screening confidence.

The Brijot Application Software 1.0 will be generally available March 10, 2009. For more information regarding the software or any of the Brijot solutions call +1-866-723-3796 or visit