Cornell Communications introduces AURA 2.0

Milwaukee, WI. - February 6, 2009 - Cornell Communications introduces its newest product, AURA 2.0. This product is a comprehensive emergency response system that is a combination of both software and hardware that provides centralized monitoring, of alarms and calls for assistance, data logging and broadcast notification. Instead of just placing a call for help or assistance, an annunciator directs staff to the specific resident or room that needs assistance. Staff can be immediately alerted by e-mail, instant text messages to a cellular phone and in-house paging to pocket pagers. The AURA 2.0 hardware also allows for use of both wired and wireless devices to monitor as our customers see fit. The result is reliable, anytime, anywhere notification.

"We are committed to providing the best equipment and reliable technology for our customers while remaining cost-conscious," said Phillip Orlenko, Cornell’s Vice President of Sales. "Our customers want to provide unmatched service to their residents, and notification to staff, while still ensuring their safety. With AURA 2.0, we provide both. No other manufacturer of emergency response systems can offer the flexibility that Aura 2.0 provides."

Easy to program and use; AURA 2.0 links to existing systems providing a fully connected monitoring and alert system. Simple to complex operations, hardwired and/or wireless, older equipment or brand new devices – AURA 2.0 integrates it all for an improved, seamless operation.

For more information on AURA 2.0 by Cornell or other Cornell products and systems, contact 800-558-8957 or visit