Pennsylvania school installs D-Link solutions

IP surveillance system provide school with wider and faster coverage, increased storage capacity

Gray's group manages telephony, unified messaging, network cameras, user support and more. Since their budget was so limited, Gray's team performed the network camera installation with their in-house staff. "It was easy," said Gray. "We did all the work ourselves over a two week period during the summer break. But it didn't really take two weeks. We'd pick it up and then do other maintenance and installation tasks in parallel."

The PoE switches are connected to 1GB fiber, and the security system itself is on its own network separate from the data and voice networks. There are zero conflicts. Gray recommends that prospective D-Link customers test the system so they can see what's possible with the cameras. SUN tested several cameras before rolling the full implementation.

What little support SUN required from D-Link went well. "When I had a problem or questions, D-Link provided an engineer I could talk to so I could make informed decisions," explained Gray. "Since we implemented the D-Link gear, all my analog headaches are gone. We have no problems or issues with the security system, and we're really happy with it."