TeleEye introduces complete video recording management solution

TeleEye Network Recording Software (NXR) is a complete Video Management and Recording Solution designed for TeleEye NX Series network cameras and video server.

Independent Resolution & Frame Rate Settings

Ordinary monitoring software only allows users to choose either high resolution or high frame rate, which results in compromising on recording and network viewing performance. With TeleEye proprietary Multi-stream Video Compression Technology, SMAC-M, which outputs 5 independent digital video streams at different bit rates, NXR Series allows users to set their frame rate and recording resolution independently. In other words, users can record high resolution video, and view perfect live images simultaneously.

Recording Videos from up to 64 TeleEye NX Devices in One PC

NXR Series has three models: NXR-16, NXR-32 & NXR-64, which support 16-, 32- & 64-channel Recording Server respectively. While normal monitoring software can only record a few devices at a time, NXR Series allows users to record videos from up to 64 TeleEye NX devices in one PC.

Due to powerful multi-stream coder SMAC-M, NXR Series can record 60% longer than MPEG-4. At the same time, magnificent video quality can be maintained. Maximum recording frame rate is 200/240fps at D1, and 400/480fps at CIF.

TeleEye NX Series is a complete portfolio of professional and practical network camera and video server. With the support of TeleEye NXR Series, users can build a reliable and highly scalable IP video recording solutions.

Main features of NXR Series Video Management Solution

  • Independent resolution & frame rate settings
  • No compromise on recording & network viewing performance
  • Recording videos from up to 64 TeleEye NX devices in one PC
  • Maximum recording frame rate: 200/240fps at D1; 400/480fps at CIF
  • Supporting standard data redundancy solution, e.g. RAID
  • Live viewing from up to 16 TeleEye devices in one PC