Veracity to debut new POE battery pack at ISC West

Veracity announces POINTSOURCE, the world's first POE battery pack designed with the IP video installer in mind.

POINTSOURCE from Veracity is a compact battery powered POE injector. Complimented by a built-in PINPOINT, POINTSOURCE allows you to pre-position cameras, troubleshoot, assign IP, etc., as needed without requiring existing Ethernet cabling, POE or local power.

As installers are painfully aware, sometimes they have to install and set up cameras before the control room is finished, before the network switches are in, or even before the site has power at all! POINTSOURCE provides two network ports, one with battery-powered POE, which means that an IP camera can be mounted and then set up, pointed and focused using a laptop or netbook PC directly. In fact with POINTSOURCE you can run the Ethernet cabling out to the camera after the camera is installed !

POINTSOURCE is also extremely useful for site surveys. Rather than guess at camera placement, installers can evaluate scenes and angles simply with a laptop, an IP camera and a POINTSOURCE (and can even make recordings to show the client or to add to a proposal).

POINTSOURCE features include:

- An industry standard rechargeable battery
- Enough battery capacity for a shift, or 5 continuous hours of power to a typical 5-watt camera
- A built-in PINPOINT-style local focus adapter
- An ergonomic design
- Specialized shoulder strap for ease of use
- Integrated 802.3af POE support for all devices up to 15 watts

POINTSOURCE is available for pre-order now, with product shipment to begin after ISC West.

And what precisely is COLDSTORE? To better answer this question, Veracity invites you to stop by our booth- #23030- and find out how we can give you a storage system that:

- Is up to 20x more reliable than RAID or JBOD
- Uses less than 15% of the power of a comparable RAID system
- Can be 15x or more cheaper to operate
- Allows you to buy and use your own SATA hard drives
- Is specifically designed for the storage of surveillance (not random data)
- Can tell you the exact start and stop time of the data on any given disk
- Handles disk failure and preserves data without needing a "rebuild"
- Is tolerant of "hot swapping" of disks, even when disks are in use
- Allows "hot" expansion of storage capacity
- Is capable of providing infinite storage capacity simply by adding new disks
- Provides a self-contained continuous recording period within each disk

COLDSTORE does all this and more...come see for yourself, and don't make a purchase decision on storage until you do!