NetWitness launches NextGen Eagle

HERNDON, Va., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- NetWitness Corporation, the provider of the award-winning NextGen network security solution, today announced the availability of NextGen Eagle, a portable and compact version of the NetWitness NextGen server platform. NextGen Eagle enables powerful and rapid field deployment of the NetWitness full packet capture and session analysis technology with a briefcase-size footprint. Unlike other portable vendor offerings, NextGen Eagle also supports WiFi monitoring with the exceptional depth of analysis the NetWitness community has come to expect.

"Our community of thousands of NetWitness Investigator users demanded a portable solution to support their mission," said Brian Girardi, Director of Product Management for NetWitness. "The combination of robust enterprise analytics combined with the fly-away packaging for rapid response makes NextGen Eagle a critical must-have for any digital forensics team or law enforcement cyber crimes division."

NextGen Eagle broadens NetWitness' capabilities from fixed network infrastructure devices to include a compact, mobile monitoring system to support law enforcement, incident responders, auditors, intelligence, and consulting staff for field-duty scenarios. NextGen Eagle is designed for ease of use during field operations and exceeds existing market capabilities by:

• Providing an instant footprint for Gigabit collection with 3TB of total storage
• Supporting wireless network analysis, including WEP enabled WAPs
• Providing redundant engineering to deal with harsh travel environments
• Being fully compatible with all NetWitness NextGen infrastructure and analytical applications
• Supporting forensic, tactical and strategic network analysis and incident response

NetWitness NextGen Eagle is available immediately. For more information, please visit: