The Boyd School implements BioSafe program

ALDIE, Va – July 30, 2009 – The Boyd School, New Year Tech and Identica Holdings Corporation today announced the first commercial deployment of BioSafe, a school security program providing a high level of protection to keep students safe and allowing schools to manage the arrival and departure of all school visitors.

“Keeping our students safe and secure is our primary concern. The modern family is not always made up of solely a mom and a dad; it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of who is authorized to pick-up a child just by visually supervising the process,” said MaryAnn Woolsey, co-owner of The Boyd School, a progressive, independent Montessori school serving children at seven locations in Northern Virginia. “The BioSafe program assures us that every individual who is picking up or dropping off a child has been positively identified, thereby creating a safe environment and focusing our attention on what is most important- educating our students.”

Parents and guardians have a number of secure steps in order to drop-off or retrieve their child, while administrators can easily see where their students are and with whom. BioSafe has three main steps:

1. Identify- There are a number of drop-off/pick-up stations at the school. In order for a parent to enter the building, they have to scan the back of their hand to identify their unique vascular patterns. Using Identica’s VP-II scanner, the system can distinguish each person, allowing only those authorized to enter the school.

2. Inform- Once verified, the touch screen located at each BioSafe station presents the parent or guardian with information about the children they are picking up. Several taps on the New Year Tech touch screen complete the pick-up or drop-off process for each child.

3. Manage- In the classroom, the screen provides a user-friendly view for the teacher, displaying the status of each child assigned to their class- if they are on/off site and if they are checked in/out of the classroom. One touch of a child’s picture allows rapid collection of activity information. Administration stations are used to maintains and review important system data. Information about parents, emergency contacts, children, and employees are all maintained using administrative modules.

The first initial deployment of BioSafe has been installed at the Cascades campus of Lola’s Place, a building for children between the ages of eight weeks to five years at The Boyd School. A similar Biometric security system is being installed in the newest Boyd School that is opening in September in Aldie, VA serving children 18 months thru 9 years of age.

“The flow of traffic in a school building can at times be bustling, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. It’s vital for the administration and staff to not only be assured that the parent or guardian has been verified, but also to know where the student is at all times,” said Soy Chu, president and CEO of New Year Tech. “With the touch screen technology in every classroom, an instructor literally has a visual representation of their class, providing an additional layer of security.”

The technology employed by Identica’s vascular readers can enroll a new user in mere seconds. Once enrolled, a parent or guardian presents their live hand to match against the stored template, a process that takes 0.1 seconds to complete. This technology is more advanced than fingerprint, which can be unreliable as one person in 50 has fingerprints that are unreadable.

“Given that the average parent or guardian is usually subject to a busy an harried schedule, the BioSafe system was designed specifically to be intuitive and easy-to-use, with the vascular verification process taking milliseconds,” said Terry Wheeler, president of Identica. “Our VP-II readers use the same technology currently being used to keep the nations ports, transit systems and data centers secure, giving schools and parent peace of mind that strangers cannot enter the school or interact with students.”